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Trying to locate the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for your needs can be difficult sometimes. However, it does not have to be. When you work with the office advisers things are different. Therefore, you don’t need to spend all day or week searching around the worldwide Web. All you have to do is go straight to our website. 


On your website, you don’t have to waste any time period we make it simple to get in contact with us. Utilizing technology is what we strive to do in order to create better efficiency superiority. Having a chatbox allows you to immediately get in touch with us. Our team of Atlanta commercial real estate agents is always near me. Therefore, you don’t have to will you the comfort of your home to begin the conversation.


Our Team

 Our founder read more wanted to change how commercial real estate was interacted with. Having personal experience working for large companies and organizations he did not like the time it took to get anything done. Therefore, he set out to create a better system and process for the customer.


Spending 2 years creating the system and testing it. Our Google reviews speak for themselves. We want to make sure that our customers take care of it every step of the transaction. Wanting to make sure that they have their interest in they are interested in needs Matt. So he starts with the assessment. The Office Advisors have built a team around transparency and communication. That way the customer knows exactly what is happening at all points. If you’re looking for a different Atlanta commercial real estate agent near me you have found it.


Yet another great addition to our team is Tim. Tim has a background in law and understands and understands negotiations. He works with medical companies as well as multi-family investors. Tim’s attention to detail allows his clients to get the best deal possible. He understands what it takes to get the job done. As well as medical as medical needs and terminology. So if you were a dentist investor or doctor we have the team for you. Get in touch with us today to begin the journey.


Jane is also a great member of our team she has spent time working for private equity firms and analyzing investment data and strategies. It’s. She is a great asset to have if you are a large or small investor. That way you can be extremely comfortable with your purchase. Knowing that someone has analyzed it to the Is fullest. Jen also uses her connections throughout Atlanta in order to work with high-profile clients. These include producers songwriters as well as actors in the film and TV industry. Do you understand what it takes to have a professional and quieter project? She is able to keep her clients close to the chest and still get the job done while selling their opportunities.


A newer addition to our team is Wren. WREN is one of our favorite hires. He is extremely motivated in understanding peris understanding. With a degree in real estate, he has spent countless hours doing modeling on real-world type asset classes. Therefore, he is very verse. He is not your average Atlanta commercial real estate agent near me. One of his qualities is being extremely thorough. A thorough individual such as ren has been able to assist our investors as well as tenant representation clients. Making sure they get the best deal and understand all of the economics behind it. A lease agreement or purchase the if purchased negotiation the numbers are there. Having a great team with employees like ren makes us better every day.


Lastly is CamIf you joined us just a few short weeks ago. She is an extremely hard worker and does and does not stop until the job is done. She will go all hours of the night to make sure you and your needs have been met. Not hesitating or stopping to create a path of greatness for her and her family. She also has connections in the music industry and likes dealing with high-profile clients. However, if you need a special touch with a little bit of flair Cam is the right choice for you Imperial


Lastly, our team is built on transparency communication. Therefore, you will always know where you stand and at what point. Unlike your competition we try to get deals done internally and with multiple individuals. That way you can have speed any efficiency.


Contact us

 Trying to make it as simple as possible for you the client. The opposite visors has many different options for you to choose from. The old-fashioned telephone always works or text messages well. However, being founded on technology we utilize a few different options for you. There is a live chat Box on our homepage as well. If you don’t want to chat you can set up an appointment time to call you through one of our forms on the website. That way we can contact you on your time and terms. Go at the offset advisors for a new commercial real estate and experience.


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 Is the company as a whole tries to stay on top of industry topics? Now, since we are in the world of helping businesses it is important to know how their lives are effective as well. With different news outlets, we scan the Internet and new sources. Wanting to understand the macro and microeconomics of business. It affects everyone. So if you have time out of your busy day we suggest taking a look at this quick article.


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 No matter what your needs are in real estate weakness is assessed. The Office Advisors and it’s umbrella organizations and real estate can help. We have the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent near me. However it comes a weekend yeah. However, we can build you your dream house build you your investment portfolio or how do you just find the right piece of real estate. Don’t hesitate and begin the conversation today.