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 Do you want a different type of Atlanta commercial real estate agent for your needs? Well, let me tell you something you’re in luck. Our team of professionals at The Office Advisors outshines the competition. No matter what type of investment strategy you have our experts can assist. Utilizing technology and industry knowledge efficiency is Archy. Therefore, there is no reason that you should work with anyone else. All you have to do is visit our website


Fortunately, we are not cut from the same cloth as all the other realtors. Our team of Atlanta commercial real estate professionals is not just your ordinary agent. Striving to create a better customer experience throughout. All you have to do is visit our website to learn more. There is no time to waste when searching for your next property.


Different strategies

 Now common investors use a multitude of options when trying to invest in real estate. Especially Atlanta commercial real estate. There are unique and smart moves to make those others do not generally think of period therefore, you must have an Atlanta commercial real estate agent that is smart and yeah smart and can understand. So do not work with just any other company peris other company. The Office Advisors has a team of professionals that can assist you.


One strategy is the buy-and-hold strategy. What this means is that you are purchasing a property. You will not purchase the property in order to flip it. Most people think.  Holding a property means you are collecting the rental income. This is basically a cash flow strategy. So when you purchase a property there’s a multitude of options of what you can do with it.


Starting off one of these options is value ad. This is a common term thrown around by many an Atlanta commercial real estate agent. However, value ad is a very wide casting net. However, coma generally speaking means that you are gonna do some type of capital improvements to the property. Capital improvements mean that means updating the facade or maybe kitchens and appliances within the complex. Blocks. So take this into effect and picture a multi-family building.


The goal of the investor is to purchase property that could be improved. This property is then improved to is improved to a higher standard. A higher standard generally means that you can ask for higher rents. So the strategy is to buy the cheaper property and then put some money into it to make it greater. Once the property is greater and it’s more valuable then you can ask for higher rents. This is called a buying hold strategy with value ad. As an investor, you are always looking to increase the return on your investment. Yet when you’re an investment. So by doing this they are creating a greater cash flow than what was originally In place.


Flipping For Profit

 Secondly, is the strategy of fix and flip. Similar to a value at property investors are looking for improvable locations. Meaning that they find a typically derelict location that can be improved upon. So what they do is buy the set of discounts and then add money in to start building it up to standard. What is standard? However, come in this can vary from market to market but it’s generally the same. People in the United States generally have the same amount of wants for a location. Therefore, the actions are actions can be The same throughout.


While fixing a property to flip you bring it up to standard and this resilient for a profit.  So if you take the big picture zoom out from this you will gather a few things. A fixed influence property is for a quick cash bump. Meaning that you’ll get a quick return on your investment hopefully. of course, not all investments mean that they will have a positive return. However, when you hire the right agent for your Atlantic commercial real estate needs this can be so. Many individuals also say fixing and flipping is not an investment strategy. It is a quick hit like a drug dealer strategy.


Furthermore, they’re more unique and creative financing investment strategies. Some of these include loan assumptions as well as multiple financial models. Is moreover, you must create equity and property to utilize some of these creative financing properties.


Loan assumption is a form of creative financing. The agents at The Office Advisors are able to assist in this strategy. However, non all properties are viable for this period what happens on the loan assumption? Typically a buyer will assume the loan. Meaning that the original loan on the property is now the responsibility of the new owner of the set property. However common none all loans allowed as. Therefore you must have the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent in order to accomplish this period.


So if you’re wanting to do a loan assumption there are a few things you should know. It is best to have a CPA or tax and individuals understand that the loan. Moving forward you have to do some greater diligence. Their due diligence. The strategy typically is to take over the loan and then refinance it. Thus giving you a greater rate and increasing your return. Individuals at The Office Advisors candidate. Not just your average Atlanta commercial real estate agent.


A good read

 Now we all have busy days. However, it is imperative that you must understand the situation and nuances of business. Therefore, we suggest staying on top of industry topics in the metro Atlanta area. Take time out of your busy schedule today to learn more about what is happening around you. We celebrate the winds as well as the losses of some. Our industry has a multitude of individuals. Therefore, it is smart to only hire the offset advisors. We have the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for your needs.

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