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Now, if you’re searching for a good Atlanta commercial real estate agent then you are in luck The Office Advisors and our team of professionals are here to help not only focusing on leasing we can help in everything. Visit our website if you’re looking for an Atlanta commercial real estate agent to source property for you check us out all you have to do is go straight to our website From there you’ll be able to get in touch with us and find an agent that works for you. We can pair you with the right real estate professional for your needs. Therefore, your day can be spent doing what you do best. And that is not wasting time searching for property is.


Furthermore, an Atlanta commercial real estate agent that is on our team is efficient. We take the burden of real estate off your shoulders. Being able to source property more efficiently than our competition. This is due to the fact that we’re actually communicative. Understanding that our clients are busy individuals we focus on them. Want to make sure all of their needs are bad throughout the trainTransaction. Unlike our competitors we care. Being a small business means we love helping small businesses.


What’s sets us apart

 Is now, not just any Atlanta commercial real estate agent but a good 1. When you work with us quickly you will see that things are different. Communication and technology are 1 things that we hang our laurels on. This is because we want to be better than the raspberry unfortunately our industry has a bad reputation. However, The Office Advisors have set out to change that period if you’re looking for any type of property we can help a.


 Understanding your strategy

 We all know there are many different strategies when it comes to investing. Especially when it is real estate. However, there are a few major ones and tactics that individual investors use. As well as institutional. Therefore, the right Atlantic commercial real estate agent will start with your goal period from there we will Focus on the type of properties and other assets that meet  Your goal.


Strategy number one cash load

 1st off many people want to purchase a real estate asset for the cash flow. Now, we 1st have to define what we’re talking about. So we’re investing in the property you want to make sure that it pays you correct? People invest in a cash loan property to make money monthly think of it as an annuity. Something that pays you monthly or quarterly however you set it off. 


Now, if you’re looking for an example of a cash-flowing property here’s what period sometimes people will purchase say an office building. And this office building then has a single tenant or multiple users in that period each paying you monthly rent. The monthly rent should cover not only your mortgage but some expenses as well. What is left over is the cash flow of the property. Some people owe these properties and take the cash flow as the salary. This strategy is so they can collect the cash flow as monthly payments to pay their own living expenses and bills. This was. This is a great strategy and one that we encourage for investors especially people looking to retire or a different stream of income.


Adding value to a property to sell

 Secondly, it’s a value add type property. This word is thrown around a lot. Typically what investors mean is that they purchase an asset that can be upgraded permit can be upgraded. Meaning they can fraction it up and charge more in rents. Thus creating a value add opportunity. Over the past few years, this term value ad was thrown around especially in multi-family assets. Meaning they were looking for older derelict apartments where they could freshen up and charge more rents for growing areas.


Furthermore, this strategy may apply to any type of asset class. Now we are seeing a few more opportunities than in the past. Especially since investors are looking to put their money in cash and do assets that are no longer affordable. This affordable. This of course being multi-family right now.


building equity in the long term

 3rd, there is the equity play. Now, remember these are just basic investing strategies. Equity play means that you are buying a property and will eventually do something with the equity in there. Purchasing a property with the intention or thought process that it will gain value over time period historically real estate always gains value. So the strategy is to purchase a property and then do something with the cash value at a later point


Now, there are different strategies on how to utilize equity. Summit’s the equity. Some individuals will purchase a property allow it to appreciate and then take out that equity. Now, the real magic that happens is what they do with this equity. Some strategists take the equity out from a refinance on their mortgage. They then take that sum of cash from the refinance and put it into another property. What they do is buy a piece of products property.


This strategy of taking the equity out and purchasing another property as a down payment is a smart and well well-utilized one as well. Therefore, you’re constantly purchasing assets without coming up with a more sum of cash. Or coming up with a large amount of it. You’re taking the equity out of the value of the previous property in purchasing more assets. It is like a quick game monopoly that you can build and build.


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 Lastly, if you’re an investor looking to source off-market properties or a partner with a good Atlanta commercial real estate agent we are at. Check out the offset visor’s website to learn more today. Always standing by in order to help our assistance in new clientele. On our website, you’ll quickly see we are different than our competition. An easy-to-use homepage as well as navigation through the rest. We want you to reach us so we have a multitude of options. You can utilize the live chat box or a form that is the best way for us to pair you with the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for your needs.


A good read

We encourage each one of our Atlantic commercial real estate agents to stay on top of industry topics. Therefore, we scour the Internet and pay to stay on top of news in different industries. Real estate especially any type of commercial real estate is affected by the business. Therefore, we think it’s important for every industry to stay on top of other industry news. Check out this article if you have time in your busy day.

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