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Do not have to look around the Globe

Now if you’re searching around the worldwide Web for an Atlanta commercial real estate agent do not get frustrated! The Office Advisors is here to help. All you have to do is go straight to our website. Located at The Office Advisors. com. 1st I’m sure you’ll see that our website is different. From forms on the main page to live-chat boxes. Trying to stand out from our competition is what we do. The reason we were founded as well is to create a better system in the process. The commercial real estate field is slow to change. Therefore, The Office Advisors has set out to be quick and efficient.


Furthermore, we try to make it as simple as possible for you to understand your needs. Even if you do not know what you need help with we have a team to reach out to you. They have all licensed professionals and are eager to help. Sometimes you don’t even know what you need in commercial real estate. Especially if you have only purchased a house in the past. Or rent an apartment even. The process is completely different when it comes to commercials. Especially when dealing with the agent in Atlanta. Therefore it is important to have an industry professional on your side. To not only cut down on headache but time and confusion as well. We’re here to save you money so we’d make good business sense to reach out today.


Checking out our website

 If you start on the property tourist tab you will see that we are different. Especially because we offer 3-D virtual tours for listings that require it or request. Not all properties get this treatment because that is not good fat. Like multi-family apartment complex is. You can’t tear an entire multi-family complex. This is in part due to the renters. It would be a massive undertaking as well as a nuisance to the tenants. Therefore we do not do property towards multi families most of the time.


Moreover, there are slight nuances and how Atlanta commercial real estate and the agents handle these types of properties. Generally keeping them off-market. Now, this is to help sell the property. Lenders and investors alike like the term “off-market”.  Generally speaking, this is because people think it gives them a better deal. However, that is not the case. The properties are priced the same as if they were gonna be advertised traditionally. However, lenders and investors alike make them feel special and that they are saving money somehow. Fortunately, the opposite visors are there to help you throughout the entire process. We will make sure the deal is good as well as source off-market properties to figure investment needs.


Also one of our tabs is the Podcast link. This Podcast link not only has shows that we have recorded with entrepreneurs but one where our founder was interviewed. He was interviewed on 1 of the number 1 iTunes business Podcast. The thrive time show. Trusted by millions around the world for business advice. However, our Podcast does not focus on commercial real estate so fear not. We understand that our industry may be boring for most.


 Therefore, our Podcast focuses on interviewing entrepreneurs and their stories. We like to focus on businesses and startups alike. Wanting to help is U help entrepreneurs around the Atlanta area hear their stories. It gives them marketing as well as insight into real estate. So if you’re looking for a good interview about business start UPS and what they’re accomplished check it out. It’s called the Atlanta business op’s Podcast.


Going over to the 3rd tab is our resources tab. On. One of these you can check for medical space, office and retail, industrial or warehouse or warehouse as well as our partnerships. These are there to help people understand exactly what they are looking for as well as give a slight insight into the services we offer to help you accomplish. 



 The medical space requires special knowledge of the needs of not only the doctors but as well as what the patients are going to be treated for a. We have a medical specialist to help you lease the proper building or location for your needs. Wanting to have you centered around a good hub and ease of access as well. There’s a lot that goes into leasing and building a medical space. It makes good business sense to have an Atlanta commercial real estate agent on your side. Especially one who understands what it takes to get the job done on a practitioner’s behalf. We free you up to do what you do best. That is see your patients. Therefore it makes a proper decision to reach out to us. Do not hesitate and let your practice grow with the aid of The Office Advisors.


General office

 Now no matter what size of business you’re in there’s some type of space you have to operate out of period a lot of people started working from home over the past year. However, lots of these individuals are finding that they are not nearly as efficient or productive. The offset advisers will help companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes it’s. Whether you need a small office to house a few individuals are or a massive footprint in a metropolitan area. The right Atlanta commercial real estate agent is here to help you. Contact us today to begin your journey to your next office location. We can help you make it as efficient and health-conscious as possible.



 Not just referring to clothing stores, but small restaurants alike. We help companies from bubble tea to boutiques find the right location. When dealing with their retail space it is important to understand that these leases can be different from your office. Especially when there are factors such as percent  Is rent over a natural breakpoint. This can be when a certain amount of revenue is incoming into the business the landlord takes a portion. This is generally 5% of things over maybe a million dollars. So that has to be factored into account as well. Especially if they’re giving you discounted rent they’re going to be requesting something like this. Having industry professionals on your side can save you this headache.


 Contact us

 The Office Advisors tries to make it as simple as possible for you to reach us. Wanting to do it on your terms and media. We have a litany of options on our website. There’s also the good old-fashioned telephone you can use. We have the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for your needs. Do not hesitate and contact us today. Go straight to our website or give us a call here.


A good read

 Take some time out of your busy day and read about this period it’s generally articles surrounding the metro Atlanta area in business industries. Even if it’s not about your industry we think it is important to stay at the breast of other verticals. Especially when there are macro and microeconomic factors that play. All these affect each individual business industry.


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 No matter what your real estate needs are we can assist period from the Atlanta commercial real estate agent to the developer. As well as building your own home to fight to get. Contact one of our real estate companies today to begin your journey.