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Wanting a Job as a commercial Realtor

So, you’re thinking about starting a career in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate as an agent there are some things you need to know. First, they are steps to achieve this. Especially since you have to be licensed. You cannot just say one morning I want to be an agent in start selling real estate. At least in the state of Georgia. Therefore, you must go through the process in order to become a licensed realtor. Then you can start rendering services for clients and customers alike. Whether you were wanting to be an Atlanta commercial real estate agent or a residential one. However, we suggest you check out The Office Advisors for your career. Instead of searching around for the right brokerage for you and your career. All you have to do is go to our website. There’s no time like today to begin the conversation. We love individuals of all types. Reach out to us on our now hiring page or contact us form.


 now, let me ask you a question. You probably wanted to get into real estate because you thought the commission structure was great. Or you’ve watched a lot of HGTV. Especially the Chip and Joanna Gaines or property flippers. Now, something you must understand is that real estate is not easy in this fun as you might think. It can be fun. However, it is a grind and people don’t just call you wanting to sell their home or their property. You must go out in the create your own business. Therefore it is a long arduous process. Also, you do not get to keep all the commission. The Brokerage where your license is housed you have a split with. So all that being said let’s dive into what you must do.


 Needing to get licensed

 first things first are you must go through the process of getting your license. The Georgia real estate Council requires you have a license. This is a requirement here in our state. However, you are still able to buy and sell real estate as an investor flipper or homeowner without a license. Understandably, in order to render Services as representation, you need to be licensed. This protects the consumer and is one of the safe Falls we have. It is an attempt to keep unscrupulous individuals out of the industry. Because there are many out there currently. However, just because someone is licensed does not mean they are a good person. Furthermore, it does not mean they are capable of doing the job.


 Starting off you were going to have to take a class. Before you can take the license test there are a few steps. One of them is completing an extended class. The real estate classes are required before you’re able to take the state exam. The state exam is what you have to pass in order to get a license. However, the class is not short were cheap. There’s an online version or an in-person version. We always suggest doing the in-person version. In the room I almost decade in real estate I have heard horror stories. These horror stories generally come from individuals taking an online classes. Once they get to the exam portion they are lost because they didn’t have the guidance of a great instructor. I was fortunate enough to have a great instructor.

Must Take the Class

 The in-person class is somewhere around a total of 36 hours. Once you have completed the class there is an exam. This is exam must be passed before you’re allowed to even take the state exam. So after basically going through a crash course in real estate, you have to pass the exam first. You are allowed two failing grade exams before having to retake the course as a whole. now no one wants to retake a class. Especially most individuals who get into real estate either in or later life career or fresh out of college. The last thing anyone wants to do is sit in a classroom anything longer than they are required.


 Once you have passed the class exam then you’re allowed to take the state. The state is a proctored exam that you must go to in front of an approved organization. The exam is typically 3 hours long and is designed to confuse you. We at The Office Advisors think this is a huge disservice. However, if you want to be an Atlanta commercial real estate agent you must be able to think on your feet. Especially abstract ways in order to get deals done and get paid. Therefore, it is a good idea to exercise your brain through hard tasks.

State exam required

 As an Atlanta commercial real estate agent, you must pass the state exam. So on the day of the exam, you must be prepared and ready. Especially if you’re not a good test-taker. Now I remember my state exam day. I was nervous but ready. I studied long hours and preparation and was very confident. Good Atlanta commercial real estate agent is always confident. Especially if they are successful ones. Therefore, your demeanor should never change whether you’re beginning your career or late in life. It took me less than 1 hour to take the entire exam.

However, like it, a confident Atlanta commercial real estate agent are you there knew the answer or did not. As good test-takers know this is how you Breeze through an exam. Once I was done I was immediately given the results. This is a great thing about it. You know if you pass or fail immediately from walking out of the proctored area. Once you pass you must hang your license at a brokerage. Especially if you were looking to start working.


 Licensed now what?

 So you just became a licensed Atlanta commercial real estate agent. Now, what do you try to accomplish?. Well in order to start Practicing as an Atlanta commercial real estate agent your license must hang at a brokerage. In order to do this, The Brokerage must hire you. Now The Office Advisors are different from our competitors. Most of the competitors just want bodies in there. However, there’s a caveat when it comes to becoming an Atlanta commercial real estate agent.


 Moreover, you must have a background with a college degree typically in order to be hired from a large firm. What this means is they do not want individuals walking off the street with freshly licensed ideas. Most large brokerages require a background in finance business management or some type of commercial real estate experience. Large firms do not like hiring people who just wanted to get their real estate license. We think this is a major service to individuals as well as the industry. However, commercial real estate is much more arduous and math and 10. You must be a smart individual with an investment mindset. This is so you can help your clientele throughout the entire process.


 As an Atlanta commercial real estate agent, you aren’t selling homes. Now people make question me on this fact. Especially because a home can be extremely expensive. However, homes are typically a liability. Even though you might create Equity throughout the years it’s still alive ability since you’re paying taxes as well as upkeep.


 Now if you want to learn more about how do you join The Office Advisors of why we’re different check out our website. We like individuals that are motivated and driven. If you want a career as Atlanta commercial real estate agent contact us today.


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