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If you have never hired Atlanta commercial real estate agent before checking us out. The Office Advisors are here to serve businesses as well as investors of all sizes. Traditionally speaking the large firms not like working with a small Atlanta Commercial Real Estate buyer. Furthermore to do not like working with small businesses that require significantly less amount of square footage than large firms. However, you are in luck. The office advisors assist businesses of all capacities. Every industry type we can handle. So why you were searching around the world wide web check out our website.


start by searching around what are different ages. You can learn more about us and all the different products we offer. The Office Advisors are number one in Atlanta commercial real estate for a reason. Our agents are the best in the area. We hiring top-notch players. Furthermore, The Office Advisors worked harder and more efficiently than any other Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Agency. So if you’re looking to hire an Atlanta commercial real estate agent look no further. We can assist you in many different aspects of the CRE industry.


 What’s on our website you have many options to get in contact with us. You’ll probably notice the form on the home page or the live chat button. One of our Atlanta commercial real estate agents will reach out to you as soon as possible. We are known for a quick response time as well as excellent service. Guaranteed to not dissatisfied any of our customers or clients. The Office Advisors are here to change how Atlanta commercial real estate agents conduct themselves. Typically in the past, the industry has a black eye. However, there is hope for our company. So if you were looking for a change and how you interact with your real estate, try The Office Advisors.


Our Services

Not all Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerages offer the same things. However, there are a few that we do specialize in. Some of the specialties we offer our commercial tenant representation, marketing or advertising space, and team-building. As well as we are now assisting in the development of commercial real estate as well as residential.


Free Services

 starting off I’m sure the question on your mind is which one comes at no cost to me. The Office Advisors never charge our clients a fee for the commercial tenant representation.  Traditionally, in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Arena agents are expected to be paid by landlords or owners. They have the conditions of Brokers built-in to the cost of doing business. Do your landlord will have a representative looking out for his best interest. So it just makes good sense that you have someone on your side.


 Now we’re not saying that you do not know what you’re doing. Quite the contrary. However, having a representative that comes at no cost to you looking out for your interest is why we are here. We treat everyone’s business as if it is our own. When we went through purchasing our building we were frustrated, to say the least. Understandably, we saw that there was a better way to deal with Atlanta Commercial Real Estate and its agents. The Office Advisors was found in order to look help businesses find and negotiate on space. We didn’t want to treat everyone as a number mare as family. So we do not have a fee minimum required for tenant representation or charge the tenant. having us on your side comes at no cost what will give you an abundance of opportunity.


 A major advantage of having a commercial real estate agent on your side especially in Atlanta is numerous. However, there are a few great things to point out. One of them being the fact that we have access to about 80% more of the available properties. The website that you go on is typically blocked by a pay while. However, we are industry professionals and are on the back end of this wall. Thus giving us access to an abundance of properties that the consumer will not be able to fight on the road.


 Furthermore being in the industry means that we know what is actually going on from a daily perspective. Prices as well as Lisa’s change with industry standards. However, there is never an industry-standard nice Atlanta Commercial Real Estate transactions. However, the agents are pretty standard across the board. The reputation is that they are not good. We are not going to argue with this that is why The Office Advisors is changing how the agency is done.


About our other Offerings

Going on we can talk about some of the other specialties we dealing with. Our agents at The Office Advisors are specialists in all different Atlanta Commercial Real Estate particles. Another one that we do is advertise commercial space. It does not have to be office space, but it can be any other type. As long as it is a commercial property. So if your landlord is trying to buy sell or lease out a building where the company for you.


 Secondly, we build teams. What this means is that when anyone needs an Atlanta commercial real estate agent there is a transaction involved. Lots of things have to be taken care of from inspections, build-outs in some cases, and legal contracts. This requires a lot of moving parts and a smart team of individuals. Only working with professionals that had the highest standards it’s what we do. So you can trust in the US whenever you need assistance with any Atlanta commercial real estate property our agents will be able to guide you through the process.


What Sets Us Appart

 Now there are many different Atlanta commercial real estate agents to choose from. We have The Office Advisors who have the highest standards. However, just saying that is not enough to convince people. So check out our listing of the property. Starting off with professional photography for each listing. As well as drone if necessary in legal. Also, 3D tours are what we do for each property.


 Furthermore utilizing the internet in ways that Atlanta commercial real estate agents have never done. Ico as well as ads it’s what gets the job done quickly and for more money. That is why The Office Advisors are changing our Atlanta Commercial Real Estate and their agents are acting.

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 So if you’re not completely convinced that you should work with us visit our website. We have a few different Atlanta commercial real estate agents to choose from. I’m sure that you’ll be happy with any one of our brokers. Call today to learn more.


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