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 Trying to find the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent to sell your property may be difficult. However, does not have to be. All you have to do is go straight to The Office Advisors website. On here you can read about our services and what we offer to our clients. We’re a different breed of commercial real estate company. Starting from our founding to our creators. The transactional process can be difficult. Fortunately, we are here to assist you throughout the entire conception to closing. Do not hesitate to contact us today to begin your commercial real estate experience. We make it simple for you to reach us on our website. You can schedule a call or use one of the forms or live chat boxes on their website.


 Starting off if you’re wanting to sell an investment class check this out. We do different marketing and advertising than our competitors. In our industry, it is typically hard to find someone doing something different. Especially when it comes to commercial real estate. That is why we only work with the best Atlanta commercial real estate agent. Each realtor that works for us is a license and a professional understanding of the market and what it takes to get the job done. The agents that work with us focus on efficiency as well as customer service. We want to create a better system and process for you the client.


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 now if you were trying to sell a property we can assist. Not just like your typical commercial real estate agent, but a different cut. Go to our website to learn more. On our website, the best thing to do is go to one of our properties to words. On here you can scroll through all of our listings. Well, at least the ones we are marketing. We do you have off Market properties of the owners do not allow us to blast out there. However, check out our marketing efforts on the ones that we do. They are untouched and unparalleled to our competition.


 So if you want that the best Atlanta commercial real estate agent for your property but they work here. At The Office Advisors, we strive to do things differently and better than the rest. Wanting to stand out amongst the crowd. Do not fit in in a Crowded Marketplace. That is boring and unremarkable. We want to be remarkable. Furthermore, we only hire remarkable Atlanta commercial real estate agents.


 Why don’t you click on one of our tours and see what it’s like? One of our best property tours is at 901 Abernathy Road Sandy Springs Georgia 30328. A salon that is on the bottom of a condominium building. Meaning you have a built-in clientele. While looking at the listing start scrolling down and you can read more about it. Soon as you get to the second header you will see the 3D virtual tour. The store will start at the entrance of the building and take you throughout. It gives you street views in a sweeping panoramic motion. Therefore, the feeling of being there without actually being in person. It gives you a great concept of what they feel and walk-up we’ll be like for your new purchase.


 Underneath there are some notes about it. It talks about how we’re proud to represent a one-of-a-kind retail Studio space and Sandy Springs. The location is on the ground floor of the Serrano Condo building as previously stated. It is perfect for a boutique yoga studio or even a small retail shop. Furthermore, it is located directly across the street from the Mercedes-Benz home office. The road is located on Abernathy is a high-traffic road. If you want to Grey Street Frontage with lots of traffic this is a prime location. Also, it is at the intersection of Highway 400.



  If you are a retail center you want to make sure that you have enough parking for your clients.  the developers of this building thought about that. It comes with 45 spots that are on a first-come-first-serve basis. There’s also two handicap parking located close to the entrance. Street parking is available with easy walk-up access.


 Other interesting points

 Furthermore, the number one baking Coffee Shop and Save in Sandy Springs is located next door. It attracts high-net-worth clientele as well as visitors from all over the world. The name of this Bakery is Zambawango. furthermore, if you are purchasing the location you receive a board seat on the condominium board. The entire building is actually managed and they are constantly doing renovations. Furthermore at the complex features a gym that has new carpet paint and siding at the end of last summer.


 After scrolling down to the additional points of interest you can start looking at the photos. So I’m that are were not included in the virtual tour. However, the virtual tour gives you the best feel of the entire space. There’s an exterior building as well as the entrance and Minnie interior photos to look through at your leisure.


 the entire square footage of this space for sale at Serrano is 1428 square feet. Is generally a retail location but could be an office if you would like to. Check out this listening to learn more. Or contact us. You can contact the Atlanta commercial real estate agent on the form. They will tell you more about this property.


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 so if you were trying to sell or lease an asset we are the right company for you. The right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for the job is here. The Office Advisors only hires the best and puts the best marketing behind. Weems Jesse guitar competitions website and see how we stack up against them. The Office Advisors are different. That is why we have the better Atlanta commercial real estate agent for you. Visit our website and start filling out the forms to contact us. That way we can reach out to you and get started.


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 now that you visit our website you can see a few different options. There is a form on our home page as well as a live chatbox. Now if you’re looking to do something with medical we have an expert in that field as well. The right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for the job requires expertise. That is why we only hire experts. So no matter what type of property you have we are here to help. Reach out to us today so we can put you in touch with the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for your needs. We can sell or lease your property.

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 now The Office Advisors in our subsidiaries are able to operate in many different real estate fields. We can build you your dream house or your next office complex. There is development, as well as real estate agents, are all needs. Contact one of our companies so we can help you with your problems in real estate today.