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Not all the same

Now not every Atlanta commercial real estate agent is created equal. Many of them have an area of expertise. However, that case is not congruent with everyone. Fortunately for you, the team at The Office Advisors has a focus. We focus on customer service and excellence at every step. We love Atlanta’s commercial real estate agent as much as the next person. So while you’re searching around the worldwide Web for your next Atlanta commercial real estate agent check us out. All you have to do is visit our website to learn more. That is also the easiest way to get in touch with us. Then one of our Atlanta commercial real estate agents will reach out to you to begin the journey. It’s simple as that.


Now if you have never worked with a commercial real estate agent in Atlanta before let me clue you in on something. Not all of them are acting the same. Each individual has their own way of doing business. Fortunately, when you work with The Office Advisors that is not the case. Now, each individual commercial real estate agent has their own flair to the deal. However, we are extremely focused on using our system in processes in order to get the best result for you.


Our Clients First

Focusing on you as the customer at every step of the transaction is what we do best. Now, this may not be the case for every single other brokerage. That is why they do not have Google reviews like we do. While clicking around the Internet check our Google business listing. 1st I want to ask you a question before going forward. What is the 1st thing you do before purchasing a good or service? I bet you I know the answer. Over 95% of individuals surveyed admit that they check out the reviews before purchasing. Now, why should your Atlanta commercial real estate agent be any different? The answer is it shouldn’t.


Fortunately, The Office Advisors has many reviews from customers just like you. However, our competition does not necessarily think it is important. Why is that? We think it’s because they don’t do a good job. Or they don’t understand the importance. We want to be forward-facing and let the marketplace dictate to use us. Each one of our agents has a focus in the Atlanta commercial real estate field. We can do every single type of transaction for you. However, we want to put the right agent with your needs.


Typically not a quick thing

Understanding that it is a process in not a Sprint. If you are a business owner and you are looking to lease new space for your company the time is now to act. Unfortunately, the lead time from locating to move in has extended. This is due to no small part to the effect of the demand for construction. Lots of contractors are going for the most expensive job. So, if you have a small filled-out need typically you will be put on the background for most contractors. If the time has gone from 6 months to 9 months on average to typically a year. 


Unfortunately, build-out time is not the only aspect slowing things down. If you’re in the Atlanta area Fulton County can be a massive bear in the Room. Some of the issues we have seen with Fulton County and the city of Atlanta are permitting. One of our clients an International bubble tea franchise that is new to the area has seen some of these delays. It has now been a year since the original lease was signed. They are still no closer than day one of Lease signing to moving in. 


However, the situation may be presented to you the situation takes time. That is why it is important to have an industry professional on your side. Not every Atlanta commercial real estate agent is a professional. With such low barriers to entry into our field, you have many people who do not have a great background. Some of them can just go out and get a license with no understanding at all. And then label themselves and the Atlanta commercial real estate agent.

Fortunately for you though when working with The Office Advisors that is not the case. All of our agents are full-time and it takes education and understanding of the market very seriously. So do not go out and just hire any Atlanta commercial real estate agent for your commercial real estate needs. Go to our website now to find the right one for you. There is no time to waste with individuals who did not meet your needs.

Have someone in your corner

 Even if you do not choose to work with us we implore that you have representation. The task is arduous and there are many twists and turns especially when dealing with leases.  So having an industry professional in the commercial real estate field is imperative to your success. We’re not saying that you cannot negotiate a deal on your own. However, there is Money Market insights as well as industry knowledge has that changed throughout the years. Having a grasp on these with the right agent on your side can bolster your success. It just makes good business sense to have represented them on your side.


 A good read

 We always think it is important to celebrate others in the field that are doing good things. As well as developments that are going on in staying on top of everything that happens in the Atlanta area. Especially when it happens to deal with an Atlanta commercial real estate agent personally or a company that is doing well. We celebrate the ones that are doing great and want to distance ourselves from the negative. So if you have time to check this out.


 Contact us

 The Office Advisors try to make it as simple as possible to reach us. That is why we have a multitude of information and four boxes. Wanting to make it as simple as possible for you to have a conversation. It can be daunting especially if you do not know what your questions are or where to even begin. We’ll take your hand and take you through the step-by-step method of approach. Having the opposite visors on your side will put you in the right seat for your success.

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