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Being an Atlanta commercial real estate agent is about solving problems. You want to be able to bring people together on good terms where no one is upset. This may be difficult. However, at The Office Advisors things are different. We work in tandem in order to achieve the goals. I was. Wanting to assist our clients as well as the other side of the situation. Making sure that everyone is happy and working towards the same. So quit searching around the world Wide Web for the right Atlantic commercial real estate agent for you. Go straight to our website the address is www.theofficeadvisors.com 


So if you need help with any transaction you should work with this period however if you’re looking for a career in commercial real estate pay attention. Pay attention. I will be giving a quick daily overview of problems and how they arrived.


The environmental study conundrum

 Now currently we are under contract to sell an auto shop and dealer location. This has been an auto body or repair shop for over 20 plus years. Therefore, there is to be expected oil, as well as parts, were strewn about the property. However, the lender on the purchasing side is creating issues. They are well past their due diligence and are creating problems. The seller does not want to allow any more access to the property because it has created more problems. Especially if they are looking to do an environmental phase to study. This can create liability down the road for our seller. Especially if the product does not sell.


Therefore, it is up to me in the other agent to be able to coach our clients to get us to the closing table. However, this is proving difficult. Not just Indian Atlanta commercial real estate agents can do this. We have been going back-and-forth on ways to create a better understanding. Fortunately, my seller is in a good position and is able to possibly go to the next contract.


Now what has happened is we were supposed to close over a month ago. An extension was requested and we abided by it through many contingencies. However, now they are warned to regain access to the property again. This upset my seller.

Annoying the Seller does not work

 Fortunately, I’m sure many people can understand the annoyance. Especially when other individuals are randomly showing up to your property and harassing you. This continues to go on throughout the entire process of the transaction. Unfortunately, and miss Macon myself or want to cancel the entire purchase and sale agreement. However, in the state of Georgia, the seller is not able to cancel just because of annoyance. Fortunately, The Office Advisors are smart and able to save deals and work more efficiently than most periods. From here we focus on how to make each party happy and content.


Yesterday the Atlanta commercial real estate agent working on the deal contacted someone high. This individual is the attorney who writes the contracts for the state of Georgia. Yes, that is right we have access to the head real estate attorney. Therefore, he was able to provide insight as well as understanding. There is some liability if we were to allow the phase 2 environmental study to go on.


Therefore, my client is in his right to deny access to the property. One of the reasons being due diligence. Another reason is that, yeah saying that the financing contingency has expired as well. Therefore the only extension was for the closing date. This was done originally in order for the SBA to provide the account number. We were told that the property was completely funded and ready to go. We were just waiting on the account number from the SBA loan.


Other issues

Now new things have come to light and then it’s put the buyer in a bad place. Even though my seller is upset he is in a great position here. Therefore, we have the upper hand in negotiations. So it’s all about how we go from here. One tactic is to ask for more money. The other could choose to be nice. However, my client does not want to be. Therefore as an Atlantic commercial real estate agent might duty lie to the seller and his feelings. We are going to focus on what he wants to accomplish whether that’s canceling the deal or asking for more money.


Furthermore, it just makes good business sense to have a good Atlanta commercial real estate agent on your side. Especially having to negotiate and navigate through a scenario such as this period is why each one of our Atlanta commercial real estate agents is focused and provides the utmost service possible. We hear to assist as well as a guide. 1 is dead. Wanting the best outcome for all of our clients.


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