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The Peaks and Valleys of being in Real Estate 

 Sometimes an Atlanta commercial real estate agent can go through ups and downs. Especially throughout the day. With many different factors affecting our emotional state. Therefore, it is important to have a great agent on your side. What is his experience but also level-headed? A peek into the inside of the life of an agent. At The Office Advisors, things are different. We do not stress as much as the other companies. That is because our Brokers know what to expect and can work through the challenges. They are many challenges when working in real estate. How you deal with them is what affects you. So if you want the best in the business check out our website. Do not spend your time searching around the world wide web for answers. All you have to do is go to our website at


 Furthermore, each day is slightly different than the last. Always unexpected challenges arise. So I will tell you about my past few days and see if there’s anything you can learn from them. Especially if you are an Atlanta commercial real estate agent. Now without going forward you should check us out if you want to change. Especially if you’re looking for a different type of brokerage. The Office Advisors is different and how we hire as well as how we train. The services we offer are completely different to then my sperm. However, we expect you to produce. So if you are a production-driven individual check this out today.


Beginning of the day

 starting off your day is important. Especially how you wake up and your normal routine. Each morning I wake up around the same time. Typically between 5 and 6 am. From there I beginning to get my day ready. I start planning out my day as I go through my home test. There is a nine-month-old baby in my house so I try to spend as much time with him as possible. However, that is not always the case. Especially being a productive Atlanta commercial real estate agent. Things must be taken care of in order to address the day properly.


Once your days are planned this is how you cannot be bogged down. There are many distractions when you’re an Atlanta commercial real estate agent. From countless emails coming through to text messages and calls from current clients. As well as trying to prospect for new business. Your day must be broken up so you can handle the task at hand.


 One way of doing this is riding out the top five tasks you need to accomplish with the day. I do this every single morning and that’s why I’m productive. Now typically it is more than just five tasks that need to be accomplished. However, if you can complete the five most important tasks it should be a very productive day. Mini Atlanta commercial real estate agents are reactive and not proactive. Being proactive means you were able to handle challenges as they arise.


 A good example of this is what is happening with one of my deals currently. There’s a cleanup issue on an auto repair shop. This repair shop is currently being sold. We are due to close in the next few weeks. However, it is contingent upon an environmental study. Even though they have been out there twice already the cleanup has almost been completed. So the environmentalist wants to make sure that everything is clean and congruent.


 Now with them coming out multiple times, this has annoyed my seller. He is tired of people coming out there as he’s trying to complete the work. However, we cannot help the situation. It must be tackled in order for it to close. If I were to react every time there was an issue and not have a pre-planned destination or schedule things could get hairy. Yesterday I went by the property in order to confirm some things. From there I had to go about my day.


 Unfortunately, moments, after I left at the seller’s agent, drove by the property. He should not have done this as he does not have permission to. Coming up on the owner infuriated him. The seller of the property lit into the agent. Question why he was there and felt attacked and that he was being surprised.  Now today the next day I am going back out there. However, I had to fit it into my schedule. Just because someone is upset does not mean they should get every piece of your attention. You have a job to do and should be sufficient. Be a smarter professional Atlanta commercial real estate agent. Trying to do this requires some type of Candor and emotional intelligence.


 The rest of my day

 other than having to deal with a burning fire at hand I have other meetings. Dealing with a team as well throughout the day. Trying to service my clients is another problem. So between appointments in one day I have to still service my other clients. Some of this includes searching for properties as well as setting up words are these properties.  many of these tasks require multiple hours to complete. Even though there’s a short amount of time during the daily balance is key.


 Being a productive agent as well as servicing your current clients to the utmost of your ability is difficult. That is why you must be able to plan your day out in order to create time Freedom as well as work freedom. Setting boundaries from the start with your clientele is important. Making sure they’re not calling you all hours of the day for insignificant factors on a deal. A good tip is to turn your phone on do not disturb it after your working hours. Personally, we have selected 6 p.m. Works for my household. As mentioned earlier is because I have a 9-month-old child. trying to balance family and work life is difficult at this point especially when I want to spend as much time with them as possible. Therefore it takes a good Atlanta commercial real estate agent to get the job done.


  Lastly, it just makes good business sense to hire someone who’s able to balance. Meaning that a good Atlanta commercial real estate agent can balance work and life. You do not want someone that is reactionary because it comes through emotionally during the  Negotiations. Work with The Office Advisors for a different type of agent.


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