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Guarding our customers money

Now protecting your client in a closing situation is important. Especially when dealing with large purchases and sales. Having a good Atlanta commercial real estate agent on your side will do this. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad agents or inexperienced ones as well. Right now what we’re saying due to the market is a lot of residential agents trying to pose as commercial agents. Fortunately, when you work with The Office Advisors we are full-time Atlanta commercial real estate agents.


 Before you go any further you should visit our website. Go straight to You don’t have to waste time searching around the world wide Web. However, we also suggest you read our Google reviews. They are about our firm as well as each one of our Atlanta commercial real estate agents. These reviews are from customers and clients alike. Verified and real about their experience with working with us. Now we know we’re not perfect, but you will quickly see that we are held in high regard for our clientele.


 Why representation is important

 Now you might be asking yourself why do I need an Atlanta commercial real estate agent? Well, you might not need it in every case. However, it is important to have a market professional on your side. There are many new ounces and issues that may arise due to a lack of experience. Fortunately, when you work with The Office Advisors we have the experience and knowledge. Not just your typical residential agent. We have the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for the job.


Currently, we are going through a situation with a client. Fortunately, because they hired The Office Advisors they are protecting. The story goes a little like this period where we are representing the sailor in the situation. After going under contract that’s when the issues began to arise. Fortunately, are sellers protected due to the experience of the agent they hired. There were the normal extensions requested in issues that happen. However, it started to get out of control. Once the buyer kept requesting more and more things if it upset the seller


Now, not everyone is the same temperament. And when dealing with an Atlanta commercial real estate transaction it is important to be called calm cool and collected. Unfortunately, our client has not been. However, the agent that is working with them is. Able to calm down the client through many tough situations.

Steering the right direction

After navigating a literal minefield to get to the closing table things still were not taken care of period. However, because the contracts are written and the experience of the age and we are in the position of power. Meaning after all the extensions were agreed upon and filed it’s down to the last 1. The buyers are out of protection…


Furthermore, this means that the buyer will have to perform regardless of closing connect. What is the issue is the fact that the lender sat on their ass for a while. The file has taken longer than expected and it is neither the buyer nor the seller’s fault. Fortunately in, several years of the position of power. There are no contingencies left and we do not have to extend. The buyer must perform today at closing. Or they are responsible for commissions due as well as can be soon to perform on the property.


Inexperience cost a lot

 Now, the moral of this story is experience and understanding of the situation in New York dealing with. Fortunately, the seller hired the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for the job. Unfortunately, for the buyer, they did not hire an experienced commercial real estate agent. Now they are good at selling homes. Unfortunately for their client, they are not getting commercial real estate. After all the contingencies are gone there is a lot of money that is out. Even if we do not want to extend we don’t have to today.


Meaning that there are commissions as well as a lawsuit possible. Unfortunately, for the buyer, he did not hire the right Atlanta commercial real estate shopping. So if you want someone who knows contracting can protect you higher The Office Advisors. We try to make it simple and we are here to fight for you. Then negotiations of higher are easier when your agent has the knowledge.


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 Furthermore, it just makes good business sense to hire a representative. Especially if you work with The Office Advisors. We have experienced Atlanta commercial real estate agents for you. Do not hesitate and contact us today.. Go to our website and we try to make it easy for you. There is a live chatbox as well as forms to fill out on how we can assist you better.


A good read to learn more

 Moreover especially as business individuals are important to understand what is happening in the markets around you. No matter what industry it is we try to pay attention to it. Especially since real estate touches everything. Each Atlanta commercial real estate agent on our team is well-read and up-to-date on industry and market knowledge. If you have time out of your busy day check this out.

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 Lastly, you might not be aware but we can help with all your real estate needs. Not just an Atlanta commercial real estate agent but many different brokers just options. Therefore, if you’re looking to purchase a house we have an arm for that as well. Also, we have a development arm. So if you need to lease space for your office or buy your dream home we are here. Also, we can build it. Don’t hesitate and reach out to one of our organizations now.