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Exploring a Job as a Realtor in Commercial?

Now if you’re thinking about a career as an Atlanta commercial real estate agent you better know what you’re getting into. Especially if you have never worked for a commission-only job. That is correct when you are an Atlanta commercial real estate agent your entire income is dependent upon your production. Therefore, it is important to understand what goes into creating business. As well as a pipeline so you never run out of income. It is a grind and there are many expectations to be successful. 


We will go into some of those today. Therefore, if you were thinking about a career in commercial real estate you should check out our website. Go straight to and let us know that you want to explore the career. We will reach out to you and have a conversation about how to become an Atlanta commercial real estate agent. Not just a body out there in the wind but you actually get training as well as guidance. That is why The Office Advisors stands out from our competition. We care about your business and are here to help you achieve it.


 furthermore, there are barriers to entry. You must be licensed and go through that entire process. So in order to first start the process, you must understand what is going into it. Don’t go blindly thinking that it’s all sunshine and Rainbows in unicorn farts. Fortunately, we are here to guide our new agents as well as the experience once to a better career. Not wanting to be like a competition. Where they just throw you to the wolves and expect you to produce. The offset Bizer’s does things differently. That is why we stand up from the competition. Having higher reviews as well as training for our clients. If you need any help with this just contact us today.


 Starting off

 first things first. You must be a licensed real estate agent. In order to do this, you have to take a classroom or online class exam. Once you go through the entire course and pass the class exam then you’re allowed to take the state. The state exam is a proctored exam. This is typically a three to four-hour test. So you must first take a classroom and then the state. Proving that you understand the basics of license law. As well as the duties. Unfortunately, this is not trained you on how to actually be an Atlanta commercial real estate agent.


 Typically what is done is you expect the class to teach you how to do business. This is not what it is 4. If you were a great it business and have had success in the past you understand what goes into it. However, most individuals get into this industry are gone within three years. Most Atlanta commercial real estate agents are in 5 years and then out. Or this is a second career. The ones that are successful have grown up in the industry or have Financial background.


 Fortunately, at The Office Advisors, we do things differently. Wanting each agent to succeed as well as perform. Therefore, we are constantly striving for excellence. Putting your expectations upfront and center before joining the team. There is plenty of money out there in our Market. Especially in the Atlanta area. With urban sprawl happening daily we see that individuals are scrambling for ways to make an income. Especially in Atlanta commercial real estate agents. You were typically not given the tools or training necessary to create a business. As an Atlanta commercial real estate agent, you are a contractor. However, would you work with The Office Advisors who care about you? So we actually want you to succeed in her here to help you achieve it.


 Daily tasks

In order to be a successful owner, you must have complete some daily tasks. If you want to be successful you must call. Unfortunately, most people are scared of the telephone. The good thing is we provide you a script in the tools to navigate through the emotional minefield that comes with cold calling. Our expectations for our individual Atlanta commercial real estate agents are as follows. They must make 20 calls daily. If you do not make 20 calls you would not be successful. They must also try to create 10:10 attract contact weekly. Whether this is through networking door-knocking or other means. A tenant representative is when you represent someone looking to lease office space. The office space can be a variety of types of the asset class. However, it is where the business operates.


 Furthermore, canvassing an area or doing drive-bys is important. Trying to get listings is imperative to your lead generation. I constantly stressed to my team that I’m I get phone calls just off the sign all the time. Even if the property is currently under contract. So in order to do this, you must drive around a selected sub Market or Market. 


Looking for opportunities. These opportunities are generally overgrown offices or vacant locations. Or they have a for sale by owner or for lease by owner sign. These are great opportunities to Showcase why we can help them and how things are different for us. This may not sound like a lot of fun but it is the only way to generate business. Besides creating a lead source for yourself.


Cold calling isn’t the best


Understanding that cold calling it is difficult. Especially since most individuals don’t answer numbers they do not recognize. However, when doing the cold calling is important to do a few things. One of them is being enthusiastic. An individual that is enthusiastic and smiling under the phone is transferred to the other line. Therefore, a good Atlanta commercial real estate agent is always happy to call Cobb. Whether they are actually wanting to do it or not is a different story. However, being  Enthusiastic and smiling through the phone will do a lot for you. Especially when trying to work through a gatekeeper. A gatekeeper is typically the Secretary of a red desk individual. You want to get to the owner or CEO of the company so therefore you must pass through them first.


 Now, we provide other lead sources for you. Unfortunately, you must be still cold calling to create your own business. You will get a better split and make more money that way. Fortunately, The Office Advisors is here to help you throughout your entire career. We want you to succeed because if you succeed we all succeed. Only creating mutually beneficial transactions is important as well. Do not go into a deal if one or both parties are going to suffer greatly. Ethics is a major portion of your job. We only want ethically driven individuals. So if you want a career as an Atlanta commercial real estate agent contact us today.


 Contact us

 trying to make it as simple as possible for you. Go to our website and you can hit any of the forms. Whether it is our contact us page are hiring page or the main form on the website. There’s also a phone number. So if you want to careers and Atlanta commercial real estate agent reach out to us today.


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