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Maybe a lot out there, but we are different 

Now there are many Atlanta commercial real estate agents. However, not all of them are the same. Fortunately, The Office Advisors are here to stand out. We are different for many reasons. So if you want the same old boring Atlanta commercial real estate agent that’s fine. Or you could choose to go with someone who’s pushing the envelope. Here at The Office Advisors, we do things differently. From the podcast to technology utilization methods. Wanting to make sure that our customers and clients are treated fairly as well as efficiently. Time is money, especially in real estate.

Therefore it only makes good sense to have someone on your side who thinks the same. We never spend a dollar of your hard-earned money. We treat each transaction as if we are the 1 personally going to be stuck with it. Fortunately, we have the right team for you. The Office Advisors only hires the best Atlanta commercial real estate agent. Instead of wasting your time searching around the world wide web check out our website. 


 Furthermore, you will quickly see that our website is different than anyone else’s. Trying to make it easy for the customer. Not trying to post but showcase what we do. Therefore, our clientele can get in touch with us quickly and efficiently. If you notice on the homepage we have a let’s get started form. This is an order to make it easy and simple for you to reach us. As well as scheduled on your time. You’ll also notice the live chat box in the bottom right-hand corner. It goes directly to an agent at our office. However, we try to answer quickly but sometimes that’s not possible. Since it’s going to a live agent they might be with a client. It is best to just leave your email and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.


 Now if you were looking for an Atlanta commercial real estate agent with a smiling face then you’ve come to the right place. We have experience as well as a streamlined system. Moreover, our team works with you from the determination of your goals. We have your back-in tenant representation because the landlord doesn’t. So it makes good business sense to work with Market professionals. The right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for your needs is here. Check out The Office Advisors to learn more.


Our Squad looking out for you


 fortunately, you will have a team on your side. Not just a single Atlanta commercial real estate agent but our entire group. We’re here to assist you and we work in tandem with other brokers in our organization. Therefore it makes it more efficient as well as complimentary. Bringing in everybody’s expertise in order to get the job done on your behalf. Working towards the same goal. Our team is great and has experienced throughout. Not only in real estate but other disciplines that help. 


Being different

 standing out as an Atlanta commercial real estate agent doesn’t have to be difficult. That is why our team and Brokers like to stand out. Making sure that we are better or utilizing different tactics. You’re in good hands when working with us. We have technology on her side as well as using a systematic process. Therefore there is less confusion throughout the entire transactional process. Fortunately, when working with us you will see this from the onset. Not only you lines and technology in a system but we do things better. Taking a slightly different approach on the East aspect of commercial real estate.


 Starting off you can check out her advertising to see it. What from 3D virtual tours and professional photography. We want to stand out from the competition. Therefore it only makes good business sense to work with us. Especially if you were trying to lease out or sell your ass at. Even when there are many Brokers out there it is important to stand out. Will utilize SEO optimization as well as targeted ads. Making sure that your property is in front of his many eyes as possible. We want to get in from the right buyer however it sometimes takes time. Especially in commercial real estate. Therefore we work harder and more efficiently than our competition. Don’t believe us? Just check out our Google reviews. All you have to do is go straight to our Google Business listening and you can read reviews from customers and clients alike.



 another thing we do differently is podcasting. We have a small Series where we have interviewed entrepreneurs around Atlanta. Wanting to focus on business owners and their Journey. We did this because commercial real estate is boring if you are not in it. Therefore we went after our clients and were able to give them a platform to showcase themselves and their business. There is a journey and some would call it a class when trying to create a successful business. These stories need to be told two other individuals can learn. Therefore check out our podcast on our website as well. It is called Atlanta business Ops.


 Some of the resources we offer


While on the website check out our resource tab. Under the tab, you read things about medical space. We have a team that specializes in medical leasing. Since it is such a specialized Market it is important to have an agent that understands. Not just any Atlanta commercial real estate agent the one who knows Medical. Tim is our guy on that. He was born into a medical family and understands not only the lingo but the personality. We have medical listings that are off Market as well. So if you’re looking to purchase or even lease space for your practice contact us today.


 furthermore, it is important to have the right location for your company. So we help anywhere from retail to Industrial. As well as a general office used in medical spaces. Trying to find the right location for your company can be tiresome. Let us take the burden off your shoulders and free you ought to do what you do best. That is run your company! The Office Advisors have the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for you. Reach out today so we can begin the Journey of finding you the right location.


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 The Office Advisors try to make it simple. On the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent is just a few clicks away. On our website utilize one of our many options. Or the good old-fashioned telephone works. call The Office Advisors today. We have the right Atlanta commercial real estate agents standing by.


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 no matter what your real estate needs are we can help. We’re the right Atlanta Commercial or residential agent for you. One of our organizations is here to help. From ground-up development to buying your dream home. Check one of them out today.