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A new Job?

 Now if you’re looking for a change in your Atlanta commercial real estate career in contact dispute especially if you’re an agent. We are doing things differently at The Office Advisors. If you’re looking to hire an Atlanta commercial real estate agent, then we’re the right place for you. Unlike our competition, we strive to achieve customer satisfaction. Furthermore, you will not find a more dedicated team than The Office Advisors. So quit searching around the world wide web. You should go straight to our website to learn more.


 Furthermore, a career with The Office Advisors can set you up for success. Just take a look at 1 of our newest hires. His 1st listing ever was for 1.5 million dollars. Now, you might be asking yourself how can I achieve this period you have to follow the proven system in order to get the sales. Therefore we provide sales training for all of our Atlanta commercial real estate agents. Don’t just sit there twiddling your phone’s thumbs in no direction. Contact us today to begin the journey.


our hiring process

 Starting off we have to be different with who we hire. Therefore, The Office Advisors only hires the best. Not just any Atlanta commercial real estate agent will do. Our team is comprised of steadfast individuals. Therefore, we expect the best out of everyone. Only pushing each other for better production.

Why group interviews?

The 1st thing we do is an overview of the individual. The interview processes typically light and relaxed. If you come into the office for your initial interview, then you might notice it is a group interview. However, not every single interview is a group interview. This is just a numbers game. However, our founders do this for reason.


The reason for a group interview is the team atmosphere. As well as willing to showcase yourself. Our team works in tandem. They do their own deals. However, try to get deals done together quicker and more efficiently. The Office Advisors team of license Atlanta commercial real estate agents stands out.


Truly, if you’re “A” player and willing to showcase yourself a group interview should be no the old. However, many individuals shy away from it. It’s OK just means you’re not going to be the right fit here. We’re not looking for herd but looking for people who stayed out amongst it.


Furthermore, the constant interview process allows us to be more efficient. A short story is that most people do not shout for an interview. Our founder has taken a poll and recently realized that over 50% of individuals who say they are going to shelter an interview do not. We do not understand the thought process behind this. However, if time was blocked out for each individual interview. Then we would have no time for our own Atlanta commercial real estate age of period.


 Next is the onboarding process if you make it past the interview. Our onboarding process unlike our competition is much shorter. However, much is expected of you. Therefore  Our team starts running gills much sooner. We understand that it’s not rocket science to sell Atlanta commercial real estate. However, the agent has to be smart and understand basic financial principles. So we encourage everyone to take continued education constantly.


Once you are onboard it and start running through the trading process you will be ahead of most Atlanta commercial real estate agents appears. Fortunately, if this is the path you choose you will be making money in no time period most of our agents start running bills in under 3 months. That is on their own. Unlike our competition who takes 3 to 5 years. That’s right I said the years. Unfortunately for the underlings they will be scraping a merely wage together for the 1st of the 1st degree of period

Be Driven

Understandably, this is why we do not hire just any Atlanta commercial real estate agent. We want individuals that are driven and can perform under pressure. As well as work in a fast-paced environment. Constantly filled with the energy our team High 5 and strives to push boundaries. So if it sounds like a good career choice for you then give us a call today. You can send your resume directly to info at Or stop by. Where a very open company and loving smiling faces. If you’re willing just to show up to ask for a job you’ll probably get it.


To really understand what makes The Office Advisors different you have to understand our initiating factors. This is what is amazing about us and sets us apart from our competition. Geek marketing team and transparency.


We can start with the geek marketing portion. What this means is that we utilize technology. Better than any other Atlanta commercial real estate agent. Wanting to make sure your property has the most eyes on it. Therefore, we can get the right buyer or lesser in the space. If don’t hire just any Atlanta commercial real estate Asian for your listing. Higher and The Office Advisors.

Being open and honest

Transparency. This is something that is lacking within our industry. Not every Atlanta commercial real estate agers completely transparent. Especially when dealing with a listing. A dirty little secret about our industry is that your property is not shared accurately. Meaning, that would you hire a typical Atlanta commercial real estate agent. They hold on to that listing for a few months. Traditionally, this broker is wanting to collect all of the commission for himself.


Therefore, he is not accepting offers from other license individuals.He might tell them something to this effect. If quotation we just are the LOY process right now and it looks pretty tight I’ll follow back up with you if anything happens. If they are trying to shop the deal themselves without getting the dim done quickly and effect Efficiently

Understandably we see this as a disservice. As well as a discredit to our industry. Setting out to change that is where our transparency comes in the period we will try to get the job done internally as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, we through our marketing techniques will fill in all offers. We rather get 10 deals done than one in a year. So don’t just be like our competition. The Office Advisors has the best Atlanta commercial realized agent for your needs.


It’s lastly our 3rd aspect of differentiation is our team. Now many companies might say they have a team. However, none meet like we do or communicate. Our team is truly a team. Not just a typical Atlanta commercial real estate agent with underlying. All of our agents work together to get jobs done. We played matchmaker in our meetings and talk about deals that we can get done together.


If now don’t just go to any Atlanta commercial brokerage. Check out The Office Advisors for your next career move. We have a team of class act brokers and agents. The family environment strives to outperform any other companies.


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Contact us

 Now for our careers, we make it as simple as possible. You can email us or call us or go to our website. On our website, we have a litany of options for you to choose from the period from a form and a contact us page. Or you can even use a live chat box to get the information across. And we’ll get to the right individual. That is a guarantee. Don’t just go to any other competitor. Start your career off right at The Office Advisors. We have individuals that love working for us and you will too.


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 If you’re an agent in Atlanta commercial real estate you work with us then you will hang your license here. We have a multitude of companies that might fit your career needs. So don’t go with just one of our competitors contact us today. Helping individuals and agents in commercial real estate and residential around the Atlanta metro area for years.