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Searching can be a lengthy process 

Trying to find the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for the job may take some time period however it does not have to. The offset visor’s NR team is the right agent for your commercial real estate needs. We focus on Atlanta in the metro area surrounding it. Able to service the entire state of Georgia that would. However, you may not know what services exist for your needs. Therefore all you have to do is visit our website.


While searching around the worldwide Web it is easy to get lost in the weeds. Fortunately, the office advisors and our team of professional Atlanta commercial real estate agents can assist. You’re a business looking to lease space we have individuals that focus on that period also if you want to invest in a product we can do that as well. No matter what your real estate needs we have the agent for you.


Consumer first Service

Friendly service and a customer-centric mindset are what sets us apart. Also utilizing technology. Our team loves helping companies and individuals achieve their commercial real estate goals. Not just your typical Atlanta commercial real estate agent. We focus on customer service and providing the best experience.


Therefore if you’re looking for a change for your real estate needs we have the company for you. Utilizing technology to market properties better than our competition. Unlike the traditional Atlanta commercial real estate firms we pushed the boundary on marketing. Meaning we don’t only put a sign in the yard. Once hour sign is up the marketing begins period from the time you sign the exclusive listing agreement police have listed agreement to the time that the job is done you’ll be satisfied.


Making you happy

Your satisfaction is guaranteed who you’re working with us. Even if it is not it is a very simple task to get out of the contract with us. Unlike competitors, we make it simple with no penalties. Therefore, working with The Office Advisors is the right choice. There’s no need to do anything but go to our website and start the process today.


Are you looking for a multi-family investment? Well if you’re like many savvy investors right now that seems to be the hottest industry to purchase and. As well as large single-family portfolios. Both of which we can assist you and. Is our team of Atlanta commercial real estate agents will find the right property for you.


The state of Georgia has a high demand for rentals. Therefore many investors are purchasing multi-family assets to fill this demand. Capitalizing on high demand is a smart move. However, sent so many people to know this is becoming more competitive. Work with the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for the job. That is why many people have reached out to The Office Advisors. Weakened source off-market properties that fit your investment needs And goals.


Over the past year, we have seen cap rate speed reduced. Traditionally you have been able to buy at a 7% or an even higher cap rate. Now since the demand has skyrocketed and over the past year cap rates have been compressed. Many large projects are being sold at a 3 to 3 and a 1/2 percent capitalization rate.


Smart Investors

Now, this should not scare you. If you’re a savvy investor you will know how the trend works. Over the next 10 years and may be shorter your return will be greatly increased. There is a lot of room for rent increases since demand is increasing. So hire an Atlanta commercial real estate agent that understands this. Work with The Office Advisors to get the most in-depth market knowledge and analysis of products.


Industrial properties

 Is utilizing a large-scale investment strategy is smart as well. It is typically harder to find a smaller industrial product. However, it is not impossible. Some of the largest investment funds in the entire world are buying industrial space. This is in cold storage as well as logistics. Distribution centers have also yet had also risen in demand. With the onset of 2020 and the worldwide craziness that happened. E-commerce Is jumped way ahead of projections.


Thus creating a massive need for distribution warehouse space.Banking on the fact that the rise in e-commerce is gonna continue the demand for storage facilities. Making smart moves and looking at future trends is what a savvy investor does. An hour at is our Atlanta commercial real estate agent can do that for you. That for you. However, the decision is ultimately on your shoulders.


We can provide as much information as possible to you. How if you. However, you must make a decision to purchase the product. So if you’re looking for an Atlantic commercial real estate agent that can explain the needs for you have the right team. Do not hesitate and contact us today to begin your Atlanta commercial real estate journey. Our agent is standing by writing its writing offers as we speak.


A good read

 Take time out of your busy day and check this article out. Is as a business owner or investor each microeconomic fact grow economic factor will have a ripple throughout Individual industries. It makes good business sense to pay attention to different factors.


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