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The great thing about working with The Office Advisors is we are always close by. We have the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for you. You don’t have to type into the search bar “near me”.  Thanks to the use of technology The Office Advisors and our team professionals are right around the corner. However, if you were looking in the immediate metro Atlanta area we are very close. Our operations are based in Marietta Georgia. Right down the street from Johnson ferry and Roswell road.  Making it a convenient and easy locatable office. However, we will come to you. All I have to do to begin is visit our website at The Office Advisors. com.


Now, once you’re on our website fill out the form on the right. It’s called the let’s get started. This will put you in contact with our team lead and they will assign the perfect Atlanta commercial real estate agent for your needs. Therefore, you do not have to interview many in order to find someone who can help you. Thankfully we have professionals for whatever your needs are. We can help with office leasing or investment strategies. No company is too small or investment too large. Contact us to begin your real estate journey today.


While on our website check out some of the tabs let’s start with the property tours. If you click on the property the tourist tab at the top of our homepage it will take you to our listings. On these listings, they are either for sale or for lease. We generally have a 3-D virtual tour for most of our listings. Not all of them require it. However, we think it is great practice to Showcase the property. Many people are not wanting to waste time visiting hundreds of properties. That therefore having a virtual tour will give them a better idea before going out. This allows more individuals to get better filth for the property. Without wasting anybody’s time.


Therefore a, or property stamped out. As well as it makes a more qualified buyer or tenant. This is because they have already got a better field horn judgment on the property now one of our top listings right now is 1769 at Cheshire bridge road northeast, Atlanta Georgia 30324. A great location for an owner-user or even investors. When clicking on the listing you will see that is a unique building striking in with large windows. 2 stories as well. It is currently called Mandarin antiques. That is the tenant and owner of the building. They sell Asian antiquities. One of the Premier Asian art dealers in Atlanta.


Now if you scroll down on the page you can read the description. The description reiterates the property is located in Buckhead. A desired and wealthy area of Atlanta. Therefore, we have the right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for the job. They are near me. The location is the location offers over 6000 ft². There have been many renovations that were also completed in 2017. The building boasts a basement area as well as large open floors. Allowing for any type of use or adaptive reuse.


Some of the upgrades and renovations during the 2017 year. According to the listing agent. Who is a licensed Atlanta commercial real estate agent near me? The owner said on the property on property a new central HVAC system was installed. As well as white oak vinyl flooring. Furthermore, they have included a full service to the elevator. Correct, the property has an elevator.  Since the property is a retail type location the owner installed 8′ windows on the front side of the building. This is to display the antiques to potential customers or buyers. The 2nd floor had an addition of 300 ft² as well. If lastly, the half-basement created a 2 car attached garage.


Financial outlook of the building

 The commercial property is currently a single owner. As well as the user. The property is in a high-demand rental market as well. Where. Where per square foot rates range from the high twenties to the low $40 per square foot. The location is also In a great demographic area. With over 400 plus residence in a 5-mile radius. Incomes in the area amount to over $120000 as well. That is per year. The competition in the area for this listing is at a higher price. About $500000 more in asking price. Do not hesitate on this rare bucket opportunity. If you’re an owner unit user or investor looking for an opportunity here it is. Contact The Office Advisors or the listing agent, Tim, to learn more. We are all licensed. The right Atlanta commercial real estate agent near me is here.


 Virtual or in-person

 Lastly, the way toward the building is completely up to you. We suggested it in the person of course. However, check out the 3-D virtual tour that is located on our website to get a better field. There’s also a photo gallery where you can Peru some antiques if you’re in the business as well. Therefore, it just makes good business sense to work with us. If you want to list or buy we’re here for you. The right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for you is standing by. Begin touring the property with just a click of the mouse look at the mouse to schedule him in person or on the website.


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 Trying to make it as simple as possible for you to reach us as what we do. The good old-fashioned telephone Always works. However, we utilize technology and stand by. That is why you can reach us through a multitude of options on our website.  Ranging from beneath limited to forms and chat boxes. Contact us today to begin the journey. The right Atlanta commercial real estate agent for your needs is here. All you have to do is let us know what you need help with.


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 Take some time out of your busy schedule and check out this article. We like to celebrate not only the winds of our people but others in our industry as well. Many factors affect commercial real estate. And the Atlanta commercial real estate agent. Even even if it’s near me or far we feel factors. Especially when their economic factors. So check out this article to pay attention to what’s happening around the metro Atlanta area.


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