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Do not look long for the best listing company for your Atlanta commercial real estate property. The Office Advisors is a brokerage that gets your needs. We will sell your commercial asset fast and for more money than the competition. Our Founders created this company because there is a huge disconnect in our industry. So when you are searching around the worldwide webs for the right firm to represent you. Check out The Office Advisors first. The Atlanta commercial real estate efficiency experts.

Now, from the start of your consultation, you feel at ease. Our brokers do not hard sell. On the contrary, they provide you with the best information for you to make the ultimate decision. Putting a plan of attack that is put together once we are given the green light. The Office Advisors markets differently and more creatively than all the others. It does not take long to understand why our customers and clients love our approach. 


Changing the game

Moreover, the Atlanta commercial real estate market is due for an overhaul. The force behind that change is The Office Advisors. Our company was founded on the principles of taking care of each transaction efficiently and through the consumer’s eye. Traditionally the model has been extremely transactional-based. The brokers were more friendly with each other and passed info. The customer was left in the dark about the true deals.

However, this is not the case when working with us. Your needs will be met as if they are our own. Communication between you and your broker is open. We make sure that you know what is going on at all times.


Why We Do It

Subsequently, our team has to truly believe in this. Our System was created to foster ease and communication. Being Atlanta commercial real estate efficiency experts is not easy. The Office Advisors has it under control. However, the reasons behind this were motivated by our founder. After years in the industry with disappointing continual flow and idea was born. He saw many holes in how commercial transactions were being done. One of the main factors was marketing on listings.


Advertising your Property

Now, once an exclusive agreement is signed we will aggressively market it. Starting with professional photography. The way Atlanta commercial real estate has been marketed for years is dying. Yet we are not fully discounting the method. There needs to be added value and speed. That is where The Office Advisors accel. We will have your property stand out amongst the others. Reach out to us to learn more about this service. Make sure your Atlanta commercial real estate asset is sold faster and for a higher price. 


Our Secrets

Firstly, we will fully divulge our confidential methods. We will let you know about them. When working with a traditional firm they do the same thing. No matter who you work with. The creativity does not vary much. Of course, a photo of the space is taken. You are lucky if they take more than one. The listing information is thrown up to Costar. Depending on the package they pay for depends on the exposure. Lastly, The broker or his associate might make a few calls to other brokers. 


Comparatively, we do more in one day than they might do in an entire year. First, our team of marketing experts creates print and “e” pieces. Then the geek part starts. We have proven tactics and adds. Equally, these are then blasted out across the world wide web. Casting a wide but specialized net. Directing potential users of your Atlanta commercial real estate asset to take a deeper look. The presentation of our marketing and execution will blow you away. If you do not believe us then listen to previous clients and customers.



As a matter of fact, check out our google business listings. They have reviews from customers and clients just like you. Verified, they can let you know the good bad, and ugly. However, we know they will show you well. Many naysayers in the Atalanta commercial real estate industry just do not understand. The way users interact has changed and The Office Advisors is the firm to be there. If you do not believe that review is necessary check out this article

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Now, you should be completely convinced that we are the best to check out more. Visit our website today to learn more about all of the Atlanta commercial real estate services. We are a free obligation no consultation. Call us today to begin your free consultation. 404-594-3028

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